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That person is Bob Garner.
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Entertaining motivational speakersBob Garner is an entertaining motivational speaker with one major difference between himself and others in the industry.

Bob Garner actually says something during his presentations.

More than "fluff" and feel good, entertaining motivational speaker Bob Garner delivers real information and usable ideas. Around the world, Fortune 1000 corporations and leading associations have used Bob to deliver usable
information to their executives, employees and customers, as well as provide just the right amount of entertainment to to make their meetings and events unique.

Featured in the "Wall Street Journal" and other prestigious publications, entertaining motivational speaker and keynote motivational speaker Bob Garner is respected by his clients and the media as an expert on professional and personal development. Bob Garner is the best-selling author of books and motivational CDs that have inspired thousands. In addition to appearing on a variety of radio and television talk shows around the world, Bob has also authored numerous articles on management, sales, motivation, and “the unknown power of the mind” for a variety of magazines, trade journals, websites, and ezines.

His knowledge, research, and background as a successful entrepreneur for nearly 30 years, allows
funny speaker and magic motivational speaker Bob Garner to provide content that means something to your audience. Your audience walks away not only being entertained, but also with information that they can immediately apply to their professional and personal lives.

An amazing mentalist and mind reader, Bob uses these talents, along with clean humor and plenty of audience interaction to reinforce specific points of his completely customized presentation. (Bob is considered one of the best mentalist motivational speakers and magician motivational speakers available today.) The result: entertainment plus solid information that your audience can immediately put to use packed into one customized program.

Plus, as a funny corporate meeting emcee, Bob is one of the best funny emcees in the business. He knows how to keep your meeting moving, introduce speakers, segue into breakouts and programs - all while being fun and entertaining.

Entertaining funny speaker Bob Garner will WOW your audience. But you need to see Bob in action. So, go to his official site for more information and online videos.

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We kept the above section short, just to give you a taste of what funny motivational speaker Bob Garner has to offer. However, we thought we would include a testimonial or two before you head over to Bob's official site.


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Are you looking for 
after dinner entertainment or an after dinner speaker that is not goofy and will delight your group? After dinner entertainment and after dinner speaker Bob Garner will add a "spark" of fun and astonishment to your event. Corporate party entertainment and casual pool side entertainment or casino night entertainment is great to provide your guests. From hospitality suite entertainment to awards banquet entertainment to funny emceescorporate entertainer Bob is the perfect choice as after dinner entertainers or after dinner speakers keynote funny... that was weird huh? No matter. Of all the after dinner entertainers an after dinner funny keynote speakers, Bob is the best.

Funny Motivational Speaker - Funny motivational speakers are rare. That is the ones who can provide usable information combined with entertainment. That's why Bob is the best funny keynote speaker and best motivational funny speaker meeting guy in the business. Garner is a humorous motivational speaker who will share some pizazz with your group!

By the way, many companies use after dinner entertainment for awards ceremonies. If you do, you need to check out 
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Trade Show Mentalists - Whether you call him a trade show mind reader or a trade show mentalist, Bob attracts attention, delivers information, and helps you gain a higher ROI at your next trade show  One of the best trade show mentalists and trade show mindreaders who delivers on leads and creates excitement about your booth and your products.

Motivational CD - There are steps that you can take to turn any dream into reality and you can find them on Bob Garner's motivational CD "10 Steps to Help You Bring Your Desires to Reality." Over 60 minutes in length, Bob combines wisdom with humor and shows you how to make the magic happen.

Funny Emcees - Bob Garner is one of the best funny emcees and funny masters of ceremonies in the business. Keep the excitement levels high and your audience energized with funny emcee and funny masters of ceremonies Bob Garner.  If you're looking for funny speakers or a funny speaker for your next meeting or event then go here.

Funny Masters of Ceremonies - One of the top funny emcees and funny masters of ceremonies in the business is Bob Garner. Garner will keep your audience energized and the excitement levels high as only funny emcee and funny masters of ceremonies Bob Garner can. Go to

Mindreaders Motivational Speakers - More than "fluff" and feel good, if you're looking for mindreaders motivational speakers or mind readers motivational speakers who are not only amazing, but also actually say something?

Magic Motivational Speakers - Bob Garner is the premier magic motivational speaker because he is not only amazing, but he also says something that your audience can use. He combines mentalism and magic with humor and audience interaction to reinforce specific points of his empowering and inspirational message.

The WOW Factor Motivational Speaker - Watch this video to see the WOW factor in action!

Entertaining Motivational Speakers - Bob Garner is an entertaining motivational speaker who provides real content and empowering information. Go to or

Keynote Speakers Motivational - Bob Garner is one of the leading motivational funny keynote speakers in the business of helping other people and doing it with fun and amazing entertainment. A keynote motivational speaker who will wow your audience, is Bob Garner.

Funny Motivational Speaker Blog - Take a look at Bob Garner's funny motivational speaker blog. It's features where Bob has been, more photos and even content that you may find useful. Motivational speaker funny Bob Garner is a weird way to write this but you can still find Bob this way.

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Humorous Motivational Speakers - More than "fluff" and feel good, if you're looking for humorous motivational speakers, funny motivational speakers or funny speakers who are not only funny, but also actually say something. The best humorous motivational speakers just don't tell jokes - they entertain the audience without bad one liners and jokes that are in poor taste. That's why when you want a humorous motivational speaker who can deliver, you get Bob Garner.

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Humorous Keynote Speakers - I mean, really, how many different ways do you have to say the same thing. Well, I didn't invent this way of finding people on the net. So, for a humorous keynote speaker, which I guess you don't want funny, just humorous, tale a look.

Here are some cool videos to watch: 
Trade show magician magician for trade shows and hospitality suite entertainment as well as funny emcee and corporate emcee and corporate master of ceremonies or funny master or ceremonies or even funny mc .

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